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Hi, and thanks for visiting my projects page!

Most of my work is in private repos, but below you can find some write-ups for my class and personal projects.

I am consistently updating this page. 
Last updated Dec 8.


CS 180/280 @ UC Berkeley - Computer Vision & Computational Photography

Semester Projects
Images of the Russian Empire: Colorizing the Prokudin-Gorskii photo collectionFilters and Frequencies, Multi-resolution Blending, and the OrapleFace MorphingImage Warping and Mosaicing & Feature Matching for Auto-StitchingNeural Radiance Field (NeRF)
Final Projects
Lightfield Camera - Depth Refocusing and Aperture AdjustmentA Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style


The Cal Intramural Leagues app. Available on the App Store.
statpass homepagestatpass on the App Store


A fun StreamLit app for coffee clustering + recommendation.